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Choosing Paint Brushes For Interior Painting


One area you really don’t want to skip on when you are painting are the types of brushes you use. Using the best equipment for the job will speed along the process and give you far better results than just using some randomly chosen paint brushes and tools. A handyman doesn’t just have one tool in his tool belt because he knows he’s going to need more than one tool. The same can be said of painting. The brushes are you tool so be sure you’re using the right one for the job. Here are the different types of brushes and what they’re best used for.

Types of Brushes

Brushes are made of two different types of material. Either natural bristled brushes, or synthetic bristled brushes which are generally made with nylon or polyester. If you are using an oil based paint then either bristle will work. For enamels and top coats you will want to use a natural bristled brush of high quality. And if you are applying a latex coating then you will only want to use synthetic bristled brushes. And if you’re worried about the cost of high end synthetic brushes, you will get your money’s worth out of them so long as they are properly cleaned and stored.

Size of Brushes

Brushes come in different sizes for different jobs. You want to make sure to match the size and shape brush for the job. You’ll obviously want large brushes for larger areas and small brushes for small areas. Here’s a breakdown of the best size brushes for the jobs.
* For large exterior areas use a 4 inch flat brush with ¾ – 1 inch thickness.
* For corners use a 2 inch wide brush with tapered edges.
* For woodwork and molding use a 1 inch – 2 ½ inch brush.
* For window frames and trim use 1 inch – 2 ½ inch wide brush.
* For interior walls use a 3 inch – 4 inch wide brush.

Quality Brushes

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. So if you buy cheap you get cheap. But you can’t just go by price to decide what the best quality is. You need to examine the brushes for certain things to help you make the right choice for the job.
* The brush should have split ends for a fine and even finish.
* The tips should flex and spring back into formation.
* The bristles should be short on the outside and longer in the center providing you with more control of where the paint is going to be applied.
* About half of the length as the width. So if you have a 2 inch wide brush, then it should measure at least 3 inches in length.
* Give the bristles a tug. If one or two of the bristles come out it’s not made well. If you can pull bristles out with your hand imagine what’s going to happen when it’s weighed down with paint.
* How does it feel in your hand? You want something that is going to have a comfortable handle because you’re going to be holding it for a while.

A well-made and a well maintained brush is going to last you for years. So you won’t mind that initial investment so much. And it will save you time. So get the right brush for the job, quality, size, and material.

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