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How long Will a Paint Job Last?

If you’ve just spent a large amount of money on interior painting your home, you might be wondering how long that new paint job is going to last.

Of course, you don’t want to have to paint the inside of your home again too soon, and there are certain factors that might lead to faster degradation.

Whether your paint is applied internally or externally will play a huge factor, but today, we’re going to discuss internal paint job longevity specifically. Here are some factors that will determine your new paint’s endurance:

Paint Quality

You really do get what you pay for when it comes to wall paint. Cheaper paints may fade and peel a lot more easily compared to more expensive paints. You will want to find paint with a lesser degree of splatter and more abrasion resistance. It’s also best that it comes from a trusted manufacturer. You want to look for premium range paints with high-performance ingredients.

Paint Bases

There are oil-, water-, and latex-based paints. Oil-based paints are preferred by many homeowners because they are more durable. They have long drying times, up to 24 hours if applying two coats, and are hard to remove without mineral spirits or turpentine. However, some oil-paints have been restricted to high levels of VOC.

Water-based paints are a good alternative to oil paints for those who are worried about the VOC levels in oil paints. Water-based paints are more environmentally friendly. Not only is water-based paint better for your health and the world, but they are just as sturdy as oil paints and won’t cost nearly as much.

Latex-based paints are great for climates that experience more moisture. This kind of paint will be the quickest to dry but will be less durable in comparison to other paint bases.

The Surface Painted On

The longevity of your paint will also depend on the surface on which it is applied. You want your paint to stick to surfaces properly, so if your wall has any fungal growth or a lot of dirt, chipping and flaking my happen prematurely. Be sure to clean any surface you want to paint on and get rid of any growth or rot that might be found on older walls.

It is also a matter of whether or not the cement on your wall is smooth or rough. Depending on the texture of your wall, you want to determine the type of paint that will best stick to it. If you don’t know how to choose the right type of paint for your wall, it’s best to consult a professional.

The Room’s Condition

Even though your interior is safe from the weather conditions outside, there are still other things that you may need to worry about that might affect your paint job. If you have children or pets that might rub or scratch your new wall, you will want to pick a paint that will resist abrasions.

Since there might be a lot of friction or abrasion against the wall, you will want to make sure that the paint will be resistant toward it in order to avoid chipping or fading. This is especially important in rooms where there might be a lot of traffic and activity, such as a children’s playroom, an office, or a living room.

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