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How to Pick the Right Paint Color


Choosing the right color interior paint for your walls that goes with your décor can be a difficult task. It’s important because you have to live with it. And since most of us aren’t interior designers thinking outside of the box can be difficult. There is so much to keep in mind when choosing the color for your home. You need to know what colors you like and how you want to express yourself. But it needs to go with your home too. With the fixtures in your home that you can’t really alter, but also with the furniture and carpeting you already have in your home. Because unless you are capable of doing a complete overhaul with new home furnishings and carpets and stain and counters and cabinets, then you’ll want to figure out what works best with what you already have.

What’s Your Mood

Okay, moods can change daily, or even hourly. But you have a general demeanor about you and also your surroundings do have an effect on your mood. So if you’re bold, and want to make bold statements, then you will go with bold colors like red. If you want your home or a room to have a more serene feeling and you feel more calm and relaxed, then you’ll stick with blues.

What about Your Home Décor

What color is your carpeting and floors? How about the molding and baseboards? Do you have a color scheme going in your furniture? You don’t want to get an exact match. If your couch is plain, then you definitely don’t want to go with the same color as the couch. But do you have accent pillows on your couch? Pull a color from there. Get a few different paint swatches and hold them up to the wall. Many paint stores will give you paint samples so you can try it out and see how you like it.

Put the sample color on your wall in a place that gets all different lighting. Take time to look at it against all of that different lighting. Early in the morning, late at night. Find the color that you love and sets the mood of the room. If you are still struggling to pick between two colors, then try to figure out a way you can use both. One as an accent color and one on the walls.

Read Up On Recent Decorating Tips

Take a look at decorating websites to help give you some design ideas that you’d really like to emulate. Look at magazines to see how color has been used. It doesn’t have to be exact, but it can help you choose the right color for your home.

Trying to maintain a certain color palate throughout your home will help you out immensely too. Using colors in your entire home from the same palate will make your home more uniform. Not boring mind you, but it will give it a certain flow so you’ll have that home that looks like it could be in a magazine. You’ll be so pleased that you do that and it will make making other purchases for your home so much easier if you have certain colors you’re keeping in mind for your home.

Just remember nothing has to be an exact match to something. Keeping the same undertones will give you a home you’re happy to call home.

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