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Interior Painting Tips For Lines and Stripes


It looks impressive to have long lines and stripes running across a room. Stripes offer a dramatic presence in any space they are placed in. For those who are looking for something a bit less dramatic but still full of character, you may want to consider the use of interior painting projects using lines that bisect the room either horizontally or vertically. There are many ways to add a lot of character and theme to a room in this way, but do not misunderstand the job. This is one that involves a bit more time and a lot of patience to get just right.

Creating Lines Or Stripes

The first step for this interior painting job is to create lines in pencil (or you can use a chalk line) that represent the areas you will paint (including which color will go where.) This is the most difficult part since you do need to get every line very straight otherwise it will look messy and uneven. For a professional look, be sure you use a measuring tape and a level to ensure each of your lines is perfectly even. Here are some additional tips to creating these paint designs in your room.

Use painters tape to mark off the lines. For example, if you are painting a room with purple stripes of two shades, use painter’s tape across all of the pencil lines you have made allowing only the spaces with the darker color exposed. Paint these.

Allow these stripes to dry thoroughly before removing the painter’s tape.

Repeat the process but this time apply the painter’s tape over the already painted spaces, pressing down firmly on the edges to keep paint from creeping over.

Paint the other spaces with the lighter color and allow them to dry before removing the tape.

For those who are bisecting the room with two colors, use the same technique as listed above. If you find that you are having trouble keeping the lines clean and neat, you can always run a piece of chair rail molding over the actual line. This gives the wall visual and textural appeal and it can help to hide those areas where the paint is not perfect. Without a doubt this project takes a bit more time and patience to get right.

If you are worried about creating the best looking lines, another option is to use a professional to help you with this project. Most of them will be able to help with lines or stripes, assuming they have some experience in creating them. It is possible to create clean looking, beautiful lines in this way. You just need to take the time to do it right.

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