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Preparation Tips For Interior Painting


Interior painting can be more challenging than you think. The problems that occur during the painting project often come about because the improper (or no) steps were taken to ensure the painting was done right. Preparation is key here! You want to have great looking rooms and you most definitely want to make sure that your investment works well for you for years to come. It all starts with painting preparation.

First, gather your tools. You will need both paintbrushes as well as paint rollers, including the extensions. In addition you will need drop cloths, painters tape, a paint pan as well as other application tools for hard to reach spaces, such as a flat applicator to slide between tight areas. You will want to read through the manufacturer’s directions for applying the paint, too. This is a good place for learning what type of paint it is and the amount of ventilation you will need. Also, some paint manufacturers recommend that you invest 12 hours between coats. These details are important to completing the project.

Next, prepare the walls. Here are some tips.

Make sure that the walls have been patched as needed using compound as appropriate. Sand down these areas afterwards. If necessary, use a first coat of flat paint over these areas before painting. Allow the compound to dry thoroughly before trying to paint over it.

If there are any moisture problems with the wall, fix them. Also, if this is a consistent problem, you may want to apply a sealant over the walls to protect them and the paint from the moisture.

Be sure to wash down the walls, too. Greasy spots or areas of dirt or debris will show through in the finished project. Use a solution of water and a mild detergent. Try not to saturate the walls with water, though. Allow them to fully dry before you paint.

Apply painter’s tape to all edges you do not want to paint, including window sills, doorframes and both the ceiling and baseboards. This will save you hours of time later not having to clean up the mess.

If the paint already on the wall is a glossy paint, you may need to paint a coat of flat paint over the top of it before applying the paint you would like to. This will help with adherence of the paint on the space.

That is all it takes to be ready to paint the walls within your home. While there are not too many steps, missing just one of them can cause the entire project to be more challenging than it needs to be. Most of the tools you will need are readily available inexpensively, too.

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